cerebral palsy
cerebral palsy

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Most of the people are FAKE.

Wat I mean by FAKE here is people act and behave in ways to appease people around for some favors. Well one cud argue -- " there are always few rotten apple in a basket". Did you know that one rotten fruit is enuf to catalyses the rotting process of the fruits in the basket. There are lot of people who cling on you like pests for the benefits they harvest of the relationship. There are people who are manipulative and come out in good will of all.

Every1 wud have come across this situation in his/ her life. youdunnowho comes to you when there is a assigment or some problem due. This youdunnowho acts and behaves in a way to make you feel good. After its done you become dunnowhoyouare. Another situation most of us wud have come across is trusting a person and gettin betrayed. You do all good, be honest, be sincere, help him from the botton of the heart. Tell things which you would fear telling other for the fear of being taken advantage of and still end up being taken advantage of. For most of them, it doesnt matter how much one has done for them... all tht matters is how much more can you be made use of or be usefull for them. Still such people have no gratitude for you. By the time you realize the person is faking, you have crossed the elastic point. A point where you cannot undo things, but can only feel bad and sad about your capabilities of assessing people. In the end, you are in total misery. The pain caused is the pain of erasing the moments which were faked to be good. You think abt the good times, but they werent actually good times. You might also think that you are wrong abt the person, but time has proven to you time and again that you are wrong. All one can do is to learn from it becoz you dont wanna pay twice its price.

There are other people who can be influenced or opinionated easily, those are the real sickos one could really be acquainted with. I have come across some of them. Its not worth spending time and energy on such people, where one can nvr have a meaningful realtionship. Its like buying yourself some trouble as you are free at present. Another situation could be the where a person manipulates you to get something done by you, justifies you are rite in doing so and it will cause no harm to you. For that once you dont act with your brains and land into trouble mainly becoz you dint do the thinking. In this case the mistake , the fault lies in you becoz you fall into the category of " one who cud be influenced".

There are few people who are genuinely good, the count is decreasing by the day. These are the rotten fruits in the basket. There are also people who want to be good and do good to people. Such people also rot becoz of the rotten ones. The world is becoming a test of endurance for people who wanna be principled irrespective of rots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im lost da......i dont have words to comment ..........ur blog was very true ........ having had experiences ofcourse.....

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

something i havent abt

9:08 AM  
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